About Us


Owner, founder, and installer, Nicholas Bailey was born and raised in Brandon, MS. Nicholas has been professionally installing window film since his early years of high school, before starting his own mobile business. Nicholas worked as an installer for a vast majority of tint shops in the Jackson metro area, as well as all over the state and country. Learning many different methods of installation to help formulate his own consistent and reliable technique.

Bailey Tint since then, has been hired for contract/collaboration work with other tint shops for jobs all over the country.

Nicholas is not only the owner/operator, but a full time father and spouse to his family. In Nicholas’s free time you will find him building on the house that he has built for his family, on a roadtrip with his family, skateboarding with his friends, or somewhere daydreaming about where they can all travel to next. Nicholas has proven to be a dependable, reliable, honest, and a very hard worker in all the aspects of his life, building a business from the ground up is not an easy thing to do, but his family at home is all the motivation he needs to keep on keepin’ on. He appreciates all the support from all of his past, present, and future clients; and is looking forward to the pleasure of getting to know his new clients, and the growth of his business, Bailey Tint.